The Best Moss Pole for Climbing Plants!

Moss Pole Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Monstera need a moss pole?

Monstera is a vining plant from the rainforests of Mexico and Central America that makes use of aerial roots to climb up and through the branches of trees in its native habitat. In the home, maturing plants will need the support of a moss-covered pole that they can climb.

Providing your Monstera with a moss pole will allow your plant to grow with more stability and this will allow the plant to thrive better. It is common that Monstera plants grow healthier with a moss pole as their leaves will be bigger and their stems will be stronger.

A Monstera moss pole can be extremely beneficial for your plant that loves to cling. This is because a moss pole monstera will provide the support your plant originally needs.

What is a moss pole?

A moss pole is usually a stick of pipe that is covered up in moss or coconut husk. This is usually placed in the middle of the pot as a stand for climbing or vine-type plants to grow onto.

What can I use instead of a moss pole?

Here is a moss pole alternative if you don’t have one. A tree slab or a natural bamboo trellis is the perfect alternative for your moss pole. The outer portion of a tree slab, of a live edge wood, would be an ideal choice to replace your moss pole. This tree slab will mimic the natural habitat of your trailing vines as if they are growing on a tree trunk. Apart from this, a natural bamboo trellis can also be a nice alternative to your moss poles.

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Why do you use a moss pole?

A moss pole is usually needed for climbing or vine plants because it provides the support these plants need which they originally have in the wild. These plants usually need a bigger tree or rock to provide its support. 

Therefore, providing your plant with a moss pole will allow it to have a similar replica of its natural environment. This will ensure that your plant has all the right conditions to grow in abundance.

Does a moss pole need to be wet?

It will not be wet all the time as during hot days the entire pole may dry up completely. However, we do recommend watering the plant thoroughly by also drenching the moss pole or even using a water spray to ensure the pole is moist.

This will allow the roots of the plants to be watered and to encourage deeper root growth.


To summarise, a moss pole is indeed an important tool in the garden, especially for climbing plants that require support.

From my own experience, I noticed that the plant’s leaves grow much bigger with a moss pole in comparison to without. Although the plant may grow well without a moss pole it will not be as luscious and healthy as it can be.

This means that even though the plant grows well the size of leaves will be smaller and oftentimes there may be fewer leaves and a weaker stem. Personally, I often play around with having a moss pole for some plants, and for some I allow them to just hang down a pot without a stick.

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This is really a personal preference, for example, pothos can grow in a hanging pot or also creep up a moss pole. Some gardeners may prefer the smaller leaves in a pot instead of bigger leaves on a moss pole.

So the choice is really yours! You can even explore both options and decide which you prefer!

In truth you don’t NEED one, however, it will make your plants extremely happy, help them to grow and look great. One would assume that if you have houseplants it is likely for the look and aesthetics of them. So ask yourself, what would look better, a plant that is thriving in what is closest to their natural habitat, or one which can’t even hold up the weight of its own leaves, is sagging and sad? 

Additionally, if plants grow too big without the required support, they can fall over, have stems snap, stop growing altogether, and possibly begin to decline and die. So you don’t NEED a moss pole but possibly your plants really do.

Using a moss pole will be the best option for your plant as you will be providing it a similar natural environment to grow in which always means that your plant has the highest potential to grow to its fullest heights.

Maybe adding a moss pole to your garden will change your gardening game to a whole new level so why not give it a chance. You even have alternatives and DIY options if you don’t feel like spending on a new gardening product.

Have fun exploring the possibilities of using a moss pole for your green babies at home!

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