Fresh Herb Gardening Information

As far back as in the days of the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, the fact that herbs have been in use then, has been well-documented in history. Herbs were even recorded as having been trade items on which tithes were offered during biblical times. So where does fresh herb gardening stand today?

As noted in the recently published “Successful Herb Gardening ~ Step-by-Step” e-book, fresh herb gardening today can be very satisfying. It may start as a hobby but it is one hobby that will soon reward you, not only in terms of enjoyment, but will also give you the actual ingredients for your cooking and medical needs.

Fresh herb gardening will provide you with the aromatic herbs that can transform your everyday cooking into an adventure. Just the adding of a teaspoon of tarragon can explode the flavours of your pot of casserole.

Dry your herbs and mix them together into an aromatic potpourri and it will make your room smell good or brew them for tea. Pound them into a paste or marinate them in a tincture and they can relief your minor ailments to make your life more comfortable. You can even mix herbs into a solution for controlling garden insects and pests!

Why not initiate a fresh herb garden project that is specialized towards any one exclusive use, a mixture of uses or even several of them if you so choose. Herb plants can also be advantageously grown as companion plants amongst other plants in your garden for their benefit and even in containers inside your house.

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There are several herb garden designs that you can adopt such as but not limited to, a small indoor herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, a small plot on your rooftop garden or even as part of a large Victorian kitchen garden.

Although fresh herb garden plants generally prefer a sunlit location, some do flourish in fully shaded spots whilst many others can thrive in the afternoon shade.

Extraordinarily, diseases and insect attacks which are the bane of the usual garden plants do not usually attack the herbal plants in a fresh herb garden patch. However, an infrequent infestation may occur with red spider mites and aphids found on the plants that grow close to the ground. The fennel, caraway, dill, or anise plants are amongst the herb plants that may be affected in this manner.

You can start your fresh herb gardening project by growing your own seedlings from seeds or with young plants purchased from a garden centre.

It is an immense joy to observe a plant as it grows from that one seed into a living and maturing thing that manifests some sign of growth every day. What a privilege and delight this experience is. And even more wonderful than this is to be able to watch this “birth to harvest” experience again and again because it is happening right in your own herb garden in your own backyard! As with most herbs, this is all the more satisfying because the rewards from your fresh herb gardening adventure are tangible aromatic plants that have so many useful benefits.

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If this article has kindled a desire in you to explore this subject further then it is time to get hold of the fresh herb gardening information you need before you take the plunge into an amazing journey of creating and reaping from your very own fresh herb garden.

The good news is that you can access a lot of this information free of charge from the Herb Gardening Site! Better still, you can save yourself a lot of research time when you get the right fresh herb gardening information all in one easy step-by-step guide for the best chance of success. Then you can start reading and planning your fresh herb gardening in the next 10 minutes. One such resource we would recommend is the e-book “Successful Herb Gardening ~ Step-by-Step” which is available for download from the Herb Gardening Site.

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