Easy Guide to Herb Garden Designs

In the past herb garden designs were dictated by the herbs planted in them and classified as useful or ornamental. Truth of the matter is you can mix and match the following ideas to originate your very own special herb garden designs. It’s your garden after all and like art these designs express your unique … Read more

Fresh Herb Gardening Information

As far back as in the days of the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, the fact that herbs have been in use then, has been well-documented in history. Herbs were even recorded as having been trade items on which tithes were offered during biblical times. So where does fresh herb gardening stand today? As noted in … Read more

Organic Gardening Tips

Before you start digging your lawn, check your property and decide where to plant the garden. Location is very important as you should pay attention to the sun position throughout the day (your plants need a healthy dose of direct sunlight each day), the rock of the soil, the quality of the soil’s drainage, and … Read more